Recovery Management

Maintain: Recovery Management

2hrs per week for 52 weeks

Complete your treatment program with a focus on recovery management, reintegration and relapse prevention. Connect with your peers and share strategies on how to make healthy choices, avoid destructive thoughts & behaviours, and plan for long-term success in this recovery management support group.

Maintain is designed as a 52-week counsellor-led support program, delivered after more intensive in-patient, residential or outpatient treatment. This program is designed to maintain an ongoing connection to the therapeutic approach, knowledge, skills and tools gained during treatment to assist with the transition back to community, family and employment.

In addition to our individual recovery management programs, Homewood Health is expanding its capability to deliver group-based recovery and relapse management programs with Therapy@Home.

We continue to expand our recovery management programs and locations to ensure that we are providing group and/or individual structured Recovery and Relapse Management programs to support the client/patient and their family members.

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