Complex Case Management

Disability complexity can be a function of any or all three elements of the biopsychosocial model i.e. medical, perceptual and interpersonal barriers to recovery. Our clinical case managers are equipped to manage each of these types of factors. Clinical case managers at Homewood are health care professionals with extra training in areas such as cognitive behavioural therapy and motivational interviewing.

As with our case managers, clinical case managers adhere to the view that return to work is a healthy and important aspect of recovery. They view return to work not solely as an outcome but also as an integral part of therapeutic program.

After conducting a clinical interview with each client, clinical managers identify the barriers to return to work and formulate a plan, often in consultation with our triage team (that is represented by psychiatry, psychology and occupational therapy). The plan outlines a therapeutic program unique to the individual’s needs and aligned with the biopsychosocial barriers that have been identified.

Sometimes treatment is required. In other cases, work-focused therapy such as CBT is appropriate. In yet other cases, the primary barriers may be related to workplace or family issues. Whatever the scenario, through our extensive network, we can provide the client with what they need.