Adjudication & Case Management

Employers need to know that their benefit plans are being administered in an effective and efficient manner. At Homewood, we can provide you with confidence that your organization will receive solid advice to pay (or not pay) recommendations. Our rigorous administrative processes, backed by a robust technology platform, help us to ensure that our staff is focusing on the information that is needed to make sound recommendations to our customers. These tools also help us to identify early signs that return to work may be appropriate.

We believe that an early and safe return to work is in everyone’s best interest, a view that is backed by empirical research. Our case managers introduce the expectation of return to work in the preliminary discussions they have with clients and actively look for information. Frequent contact with the employee and the employer by our case managers keeps the lines of communication open, a critical element of successful return to work.

In many cases, employees return to work after a normal recovery period. But when this doesn’t happen, our case managers are able to consult with and/or engage a wide variety of specialties and services available through our multidisciplinary network of providers.