The Recovery Journey

Our Unique Approach

Addressing mental illness and addiction is a matter of national urgency in Canada. At Homewood, we are dedicated to improving lives by using innovative applied clinical research to improve, evaluate and refine treatment services across Canada. 

We’re excited to announce that, as of April 30, 2018, a new initiative called The Recovery Journey – piloted by Addiction Medicine Services (AMS) and to be adopted by other clinical areas in the future – will become part of our regular clinical practice.

Homewood Health is the only treatment centre in Canada measuring recovery outcomes both during treatment and up to one-year post-discharge through our partnership with Homewood Research Institute (HRI). Through the Recovery Journey, our patients will be contributing to the only ongoing long-term research study on recovery in the country and to the future of mental health and addiction treatment in Canada.

Collaboration and Quality Improvement

The Recovery Journey is a collaborative initiative between Homewood Health Centre and HRI that routinely collects data from Homewood patients through clinical questionnaires and links it to recovery outcomes collected post-discharge. The result is an integrated system that can be used to inform quality improvement efforts, evaluate program effectiveness, and contribute to research by generating new knowledge about the recovery process.

Why is This Initiative Important?

Clinically, the questionnaires are a standardized way of collecting a patient’s self-reported information that will inform the treatment team to develop patient-centred treatment plans. As well, we will gain a better clinical understanding of recovery following participation in the AMS program and will use this data to inform quality improvement efforts and evaluate program effectiveness. In addition, researchers will be able to look more deeply at the recovery process over time and contribute towards the addiction field by generating new knowledge.

Want to Learn More?

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