Comprehensive Psychiatric Care Program

Helping those with chronic mental illness be at their best

Chronic mental illness often presents some of the most challenging and complex cases. The patients who come to Homewood’s Comprehensive Psychiatric Care (CPC) Program are suffering from a wide range of diagnoses, including multiple psychiatric illnesses. CPC works to minimize the symptoms of chronic mental illness, improve quality of life and help program participants function better—much better. 

This program often achieves success with people who have tried other treatment options with minimal success. A key aspect of the CPC program is participating in an individually selected list of therapy groups which may include recreation, relaxation, spirituality, education, creative opportunities, horticulture, and wellness.

A Diverse and Personalized Program

CPC adapts to fit the need of any participant by providing support through services including Conquering Addiction Recovery for Everyone (CARE), Trauma Recovery Education (TRE) and programs addressing grief and loss, healthy lifestyles, mental health education, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for anxiety, and regulating emotions. 

Admission requirements

The CPC program is for people who:

  • Are 18 years of age or older 
  • Have a long-term illness with a GAF (Global Assessment of Function) of less than 60 in the past year 
  • Are experiencing ongoing chronic psychiatric signs and symptoms that require inpatient hospitalization 
  • Require stabilization prior to or during other inpatient or community programs (CPC would allow for a period of stabilization and assessment of readiness) 
  • Have a diagnosis of psychotic disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, concurrent addiction, and mental illness 
  • Are motivated to attend groups, maintain safety on the unit, and adhere to unit policies 
  • Agree to refrain from substance use during their stay 

Program objectives

While every program participant has individualized goals, common objectives include:

  • managing and treating symptoms of chronic mental illness;
  • increasing understanding of one’s illness and its treatment;
  • developing healthy coping strategies;
  • recognizing and expressing emotion in a healthy manner;
  • developing a healthy lifestyle including nutrition and exercise;
  • improving independence, well-being and self-worth;
  • decreasing anxiety and enhancing communication skills;
  • balancing lifestyle with focus on self-care, productivity and leisure; and
  • behavioural activation.

How to Get Help

To be admitted to the program, you require a referral from your doctor or other healthcare professional. We can help you with the patient referral and admissions process. Click below to learn more, or read on about additional Health Centre programs.

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Want to Learn More?

Contact the Program Manager at 519.824.1010, extension 2339.

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