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​Homewood Health Completes Acquisition of Dunsmuir Lodge from the University of Victoria

State of the Art Inpatient Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Facility to Open on Vancouver Island

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Homewood Health - Jan 11th 2018

Re-energizing Yourself for the New Year

Congratulations! You made it through the holiday season. Now, after the parties, events and shopping frenzy, a new year of opportunity has arrived. Packed full of expectations, you may look to new goals and in some scenarios place more pressure on yourself to “do better” and likely, a new set of resolutions. Remember, set realistic and attainable goals, stay excited, optimistic and re-energize yourself for a brand new year!

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Homewood Health - Jan 10th 2018

Preparing for the New Year: Maintaining Your Mental Health

Time to pack away the decorations, organize the home and look ahead to a brand new year! Looking forward to the next 365 days often brings about hopes of new beginnings, the potential to do better and perhaps the resolve to tackle both new and existing aspirations.

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Homewood Health - Jan 4th 2018

Maintaining Your Mental and Physical Health During the Holidays

It’s time for the razzle-dazzle of holiday windows, hot chocolate and warm memories! ‘Tis the season for all those good things… and very often, the fallout of what might just be the most mentally and physically draining time of the year. As the holiday season swings into high gear, we’re offering a few tips and tricks to help keep your mind and body prepared for the season.

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Homewood Health - Dec 15th 2017

How to Reduce Holiday Stress

The holidays can be an enormously stressful time of year. Gift-giving, financial strain with extra expenses, social expectations with family and professional events…the barrage of seasonal pressures can push even the calmest and coolest among us to their limits.

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Homewood Health - Nov 30th 2017

A Closer Look at the Recovery Journey

The Homewood Research Institute (HRI) has created an infographic that summarizes early findings from the Post-Discharge Outcomes Monitoring System (PDO), also known to Homewood patients as the Recovery Journey Project.

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Homewood Research Institute - Nov 21st 2017

Vancouver Panel Discussion on Trauma at The Homewood Clinic

On November 9th 2017, Homewood hosted an event at The Homewood Clinic in Vancouver—with a panel discussion that included Travis Lupick, Lynn Noftle, and Richard Marquez.

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Homewood Health - Nov 21st 2017

Homewood Health Launches New Trauma Support Program in Vancouver Clinic

The Homewood Clinic in Vancouver to offer customized, intensive outpatient treatment of PTSD and other trauma related conditions.

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Homewood Health - Nov 6th 2017

Homewood Health Clinicians Shine Light on PTSD at Schedule 2 Employers Group Conference

Homewood Health is pleased to announce its continued support of efforts to address PTSD in the workplace. Homewood Health was a lead sponsor of last week’s Schedule 2 Employers Group Conference, an annual gathering of industry professionals from across Ontario focused on workplace wellness, health and safety, workers’ compensation and disability management.

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Homewood Health - Oct 24th 2017

​Reducing Mental Health Stigma

Irrespective of age, culture or income, at least one in five will experience a mental disorder in their lifetime. Given the prevalence of mental health disorders, we address common myths and the realities associated with mental health. There is no need to suffer alone and in silence. It’s time to start talking.

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Homewood Health - Oct 6th 2017

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