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Homewood 360°dtx provides evidence-based alcohol and drug rehabilitation treatment for young adults ages 18 to 30, who are struggling with substance use and/or transitioning into adulthood.

Some young adults may start to use alcohol or drugs to cope with the stress and responsibility of adulthood, while others simply cannot walk away from the habits of their teenage years. But, many young adults use alcohol and drugs to cope with underlying mental illness. Our young adult services include a psychiatric evaluation, psychiatric monitoring, and integrated care for co-occurring mental illness. Homewood 360°dtx delivers comprehensive, multidisciplinary care designed to help young adults and their families to heal, grow and make lasting changes in their lives.

Services include medically-assisted detoxification; psychiatric evaluation and follow-up; individual therapy based on motivational enhancement therapy (MET) and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques; and group therapy based on structured relapse prevention techniques (SRP), mentalization-based therapy, and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). In addition, young adult services include active family liaison and support, extensive aftercare (including the option of sober living), and links to post-treatment mental health resources, and support groups.


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