Medically-assisted Detoxification

Many clients seeking specialized addictions treatment arrive both physiologically and psychologically dependent on various substances, and require medically-assisted detoxification in a safe secure environment.

We provide withdrawal management services for alcohol use disorders, opiate use disorders (prescription and non-prescription use), stimulant use disorders (cocaine, amphetamines), cannabis, sedatives, and other drugs. 

Our multidisciplinary team (physicians, nurses, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, recreation therapists, etc.) provides individualized withdrawal protocols and psychosocial support that optimizes the likelihood of successful completion of the detoxification process. 

Our physicians maintain methadone and buprenorphine licenses. 

We provide constant specialized nursing care (24/7) as part of our medically-assisted detoxification program, as well as regular medical supervision from our addiction psychiatrists and general practitioners. We work collaboratively as a team to ensure that our individualized medically-assisted detoxification protocols minimize as much as possible the physiological discomfort and psychological distress of the withdrawal process.

Typically, most clients can be physiologically detoxified within 14 days, depending on their substance use at admission, and begin to participate fully in our residential therapeutic program. However, clients with co-occurring prescription opiate dependence and chronic pain may require slower detoxification regimens.


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Comprehensive Care for Addictions

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