comprehensive assessment

At 360°dtx, our doctors and therapists conduct a comprehensive assessment, which allows us to formulate treatment recommendations based on individual needs and goals.

The assessment entails:
- a detailed addiction history and timeline, including primary and   secondary substances, as well as potential behavioral addictions
- a thorough medical history and physical examination
- laboratory tests, including blood-work and toxicology screens
- a complete psychiatric evaluation
- a psychological interview and psychometric testing
- a family interview or consultation (with the client’s permission)

Following the assessment, the client will meet with members of the 360°dtx team to review their results and determine an appropriate treatment plan. Treatment options include:
- 6-weeks of residential treatment
- 4 weeks of residential treatment, followed by 2 weeks of intensive   outpatient treatment
- 6-weeks of intensive outpatient treatment 
- extended residential program 


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comprehensive care for addictions

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