Aftercare & Sober Living

Homewood 360°dtx offers a variety of aftercare options which allow clients to build on the gains made in treatment, and to address issues that arise as they re-enter the workplace and re-join their families.

AFTERCARE: Following the completion of residential or intensive outpatient treatment at Homewood 360°dtx, it is essential for most clients to participate in aftercare, in order to maintain their gains and consolidate their abstinence from problematic substance use and behavioral addictions. Aftercare services assist clients in the transition from full-time therapy to social reintegration. Aftercare plans will be individualized for each client. When clients live locally in the Montreal area, we will arrange for follow-up group, individual and/or couple/family therapies. When clients reside outside the Montreal area, we will ensure that their local treatment providers are aware of their ongoing treatment requirements. We will also offer to provide follow-up care for out-of-town clients via tele-health communications.

SOBER LIVING: Homewood 360°dtx offers sober living accommodations to clients in early recovery transitioning back into community engagement. Sober living provides structure in addition to a safe environment for evenings and weekends. Individuals start their day within our therapeutic community, before heading out to work or school. They return to the centre at the end of the day for dinner, and may socialize with clients participating in our full residential program. They sleep in-house each night in a monitored setting, with regular urine testing and breathalyzers. They have full access to our wellness centre, and may participate in our recreational programming. Traditionally individuals in early recovery tend to stay anywhere between 1 and 4 months. Sober living is available to any individual who has successfully completed our 6-week residential program.


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