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360 Degrees of Care for Addictions

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Homewood 360°dtx is dedicated to providing current best practices for all substance-related and behavioral addictions (alcohol, prescription and non-prescription opiates, cocaine, amphetamines, cannabis, sedatives, gambling, sex, food and internet addictions). The approach is professional, using scientifically-validated techniques, and personalized, allowing the programs to be tailored to meet individual needs and goals. Confidentiality is maintained with utmost respect.

Homewood 360°dtx is primarily a residential treatment program. Our recommended length of stay is 6 weeks; however, an extended 12-week residential program is offered for clients with chronic, refractory substance use disorders, as well as clients with co-occurring disorders (e.g. personality disorders). We also offer an intensive outpatient option for clients who have completed 4 weeks of our residential program, or have no recent substance use.

Our Mission

To help individuals and families recover from addiction, and begin
the process of rebuilding their lives.

Our Vision

To provide effective treatment for substance-related disorders and behavioural addictions.

Our Values

Best practices, comprehensive care, confidentiality, empathy, respect, responsibility & safety.

Our Goal

To set the standard for excellence in fully integrated addiction and mental health treatment in Canada.

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Comprehensive Care for Addictions

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